It Lieth Like Air

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plastic, tracing paper, ink, thread, tape

7.0 x 7.0 cm (box)

2.5 x 4.0 cm (label)

series of 39

A series of labelled empty boxes presented on a shelf. The label texts were collected from found letterpress plates and are intended to create a narrative according to the viewer's interests in reading the labels.

Text of labels:

* to night is.

* it doubleth,

* It is no thing, but of two

* of grass below

* All the sharp red buds

* yet few--

* The higher we rise,

* Where it is, there is

* everywhere, separate,

* Under the linen

* desperately chasing after themselves

* until all we could see was our small box of sky

* No right to climb out of shadows

* I had everything I’d ever known

* underneath me

* in touch with things

* the harsh call

* The rubs of camphor may soothe

* across their moon-filled yard

* Lost cause

* we sneak out into the freshly shorn fields

* Reminders that we only see in simple shades and tones

* Staring contests to pass the time

* knew what I climbed down from.

* messages in code

* his eyes colored hollow

* shuttering like scarab shells

* The jade leaves dancing

* and no one, not even I

* From over here, you look like ghosts

* cold barns filled with mice,

* he looked like a scarecrow.

* and asking what’s wrong?

* a blizzard of absence

* as one alone.

* I learned about disappearing

* to test true.

* It lieth like air.